Now you can have every blade in the house, garden and workshop, razor sharp with this single, easy to use tool

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our thousands of happy customers say about the Selectool MasterSharpener:


“I had dull knives, scissors, axes, and hatchets in need of sharpening. Using this one tool, I was able to sharpen all of them”

– JL

“Very easy to use, I sharpened all my kitchen knives to test it out and was pleasantly surprised. I then sharpened some shears that I probably would have thrown out before I used this sharpener.”

– Jonathan


“I just got mine! I was wanting a tool like this. I studied the YouTube videos and read most of the reviews before mine arrived. I have just finished sharpening three pocket knives. I am very impressed. The blades are quite sharp! Better than I could do with a whetstone. Just do what the videos tell you to do and you will not have any problems at all!”

– K. Cummins

“I was just about to do my “carving duties” for a turkey and I remembered my Master Sharpener…….my turkey knife never cut better….and the video was really great. After dinner out came the other knifes, scissors, gardening tools, etc. THIS IS ONE outstanding tool.”

George H.

“My son is a US Navy Corpsman working with the Marines out of Camp XXXX in. His marines cant believe the edge he has on his knife… I rate this item as a 5/5. I love it”

– Boats662

Bottom line: a great tool, easy to use, a solid warranty & a low price.”

– Glytek

“this is deff the best sharpener I’ve ever use, and I have a lot of diff sharpener’s this thing is quick and easy to use, razor sharp fillet, axe, machete now,  if it ever breaks you get a new one for free”

– Robert

” No matter how hopeless you are around the house, you can sharpen anything with this tool and do it perfectly.”

– Nathan S.

“You should throw out all them other gimmicks and buy Sharp4life… It just works for everything!”

-Ivan P.


“This tool will do wonders on anything in your house that has an edge. I first used it on an old axe, got it razor sharp and I can now chop wood like butter. I then used it on a old pair of kitchen scissors, brought them back to life and now they work on anything.”

– Randall B.




Let’s face it, dull, blunt knives are a pain to work with, dangerous and a hassle to sharpen. 
  • There is NOTHING more frustrating than working with dull and blunt knives and tools…
  • It’s dangerous as well. Every year there are tens of thousands of trips to the ER a result of using blunt knives and dull tools. A dull edge is more likely to slip and requires greater force. This adds up to an accident waiting to happen! Never mind that it can be deeply frustrating when a knife or a tool doesn’t perform how it should,
  • There are hundreds of knife and tool sharpeners out there some work better than others and if you are like me you’ve probably got a drawer full of them! I used to keep buying them because the last one I bought never delivered on its promises, required years of practice to use, was a hassle to set up. I also found that I needed different sharpeners for every blade I owned: one for the kitchen, one for the workshop, one for the garden tools, one for field and wood use, I used to even buy a new mower blade every spring!
  • Let’s face it, most of us are never going to spend the years of practice and patience gently honing our blades with an oil stone from a special mine somewhere halfway up a mountain in Peru! We simply don’t have the time or the and even if we do then there are times when we just need to get a quality, razor edge without the fuss.



“Cuts and lacerations are the 5th most common reason for ER visits….

…In the US there were 1.169 Million ER visits by men alone for cuts to the hands and forearms…

…People are often reluctant to sharpen blades because they are afraid of injury or damaging the knife blade. Ironically, this actually increases the risk of injury.” 

*From a recent report into the top 5 reasons for ER Visits in the United States

Want to know something very special?



You have finally discovered the one sharpening tool that actually works as promised. With SELECTOOL you can:

  • Instantly put a razor sharp edge on any knife.
  • Sharpen Scissors and Shears with ease and give them new life.
  • Even TOOLS, like Axes, Hoes, and Lawn Mower Blades.


Say Goodbye to Dull Knives For The Rest Of Your Life!


The trick is getting the same angle on BOTH side of the knife. You can do it, but it is tricky, and most people don’t have the time or patience.

Some practice 30 years to master the stone, and even for the best of them, its hit or miss.




img3LOOK! Many gadget sharpeners make you sharpen both sides at once. (V-Groove sharpeners.) If you don’t keep the knife perfectly straight over that V, you’ll roll or strip the edge, rather than sharpen it.

It is very easy to dull OR EVEN DAMAGE a knife with this kind of sharpener.



The SELECTOOL’s precision guides maintain the exact same angle on every stroke. You never worry about keeping the knife at the right angle because the guides do all the work. There is no variation – and therefore, no skill required.

You sharpen first one side, and the other. It’s that simple. Your knife is sharp in seconds. Using the SELECTOOL Guarantees a sharp knife every time.

SELECTOOL is The Shortcut To A Sharp Knife.





Look how easy it is. Lay the knife in the guide on the right and slowly stroke down. Do this a couple of times and repeat with the left side. That’s it. Your knife is razor sharp because each side has the exact same angle.








Now use the built-in Knife Guide on the side to polish and de-burr the edge, making your knife smooth and sharp. Use this guide every time you want to hone and keep your knife razor sharp!




img7Serrated knives are difficult to sharpen because every tooth is like a separate knife. It’s just the tips that need sharpening, so by brushing the tips of your serrated knife through the Knife Guide, that’s all you need to do. Every tooth gets touched up and becomes sharp again.

All Your Serrated Knives Are Sharp In Seconds!



Don’t throw your scissors away. Sharpen them with the SELECTOOL.
The built-in Scissor and Shear Guide effortlessly removes the dull and leaves the sharp.
Just draw your scissors through the guide on both shears, and Presto! Your scissors are razor sharp and ready to work.

Keep Your Scissors Sharp And Never Throw Another Pair Away Again!




img9SELECTOOL can even sharpen tools. This one amazing tool even has the power to sharpen your axe, hatchet, hoe, and shovel. It even sharpens your Mower Blade in the mower! Here’s how –

Leave the blade in the mower and tip the mower over. Lightly stroke the tool across the blade, letting the tool do all the work. Rotate the blade and do the same thing on the other end. Wow! So easy.

Sharpen Your Mower Blade Twice And the SELECTOOL Pays For Itself Completely.







Amazingly, SELECTOOL is the best REEL MOWER SHARPENER available. Vastly superior to using a file or a whetstone.

Place the SELECTOOL on the flat of every blade and stroke it towards you. Repeat several times for each blade and your entire mower is sharp. (Don’t forget the cutting bar as It does half the work.)

Sharpens The Whole Mower In Less Than 30 Seconds!





Look how easy it is to cut glass or tile up to ½” thick.

Score the glass with a single cut, pick it up and… POP! That’s how easily you’ll cut glass or porcelain kitchen tile.

Don’t bother renting an expensive tile saw  when you’ve got the SELECTOOL on hand.





And assembled by people with disabilities. You’re supporting YOUR economy as well as helping a good cause.

Proudly buy one today.






Bonus! Exclusive Online Training Video
  • Fully demonstrates every feature of the tool
  • 17 minutes of detailed online training
  • Best practice tips and techniques for sharpening all your knives, tools, scissors, shears and mower blades
  • Amazing glass and tile cutting display


Watch an online demonstration of every aspect of the SELECTOOL. You’ll see how to best sharpen every knife and tool, and learn how to extend the life of your sharpener up to 4 times! There’s nothing left out in this video, and its yours totally FREE with your purchase.

Try the SELECTOOL in your home or shop for the next month. Try it on all
knives and your toughest tools and you’ll see for yourself how well
the SELECTOOL works for you. If you don’t agree this is the best tool of
its kind anywhere, simply return it and we’ll refund all your money, (minus
shipping and processing fees.) GUARANTEED





This is a LIFETIME TOOL. It is Guaranteed for Life! If you step on it or run over it with your car, send it back and you’ll get a replacement. No questions asked.






“I’ve used the Spyderco Sharpmaker® and many others, but nothing has ever sharpened my knives as good as this does.

Matthew Gibson




This wonderful tool is available for the affordable price of just $34.95. $29.95! That’s less than the cost of a single professional sharpening for your knives. Use it twice on your mower blade and it pays for itself completely.

Full printed instructions are included with every tool, as well as the FREE ONLINE TRAINING VIDEO.

The SELECTOOL is guaranteed for LIFE, and is proudly made in the USA. Get yours now!

Click on this button and get one of these exceptional tools TODAY. They make a great gift.

Give The Gift Of Sharpness For Life!

I just got mine! I was wanting a tool like this. I studied the YouTube videos and read most of the reviews before mine arrived. I have just finished sharpening three pocket knives. I am very impressed. The blades are quite sharp! Better than I could do with a whetstone. Just do what the videos tell you to do and you will not have any problems at all!” – K Cummins

“I had never sharpened a blade in my life before purchasing the Selectool Master Sharpener. I’m a total beginner who is trying to learn to be a grown up who can maintain/fix things instead of replacing them out of laziness and letting my house slowly fall apart around me. If that sounds like you, order this product right now and don’t worry for a second that you’ll ever regret it. I ordered this because I recently bought an axe and started clearing some small trees from our yard, and the head got so dull I may as well have tried chopping down trees with a sledgehammer. Within an hour of opening the box I had the technique down, and every knife and pair of scissors in the house was razor sharp. The next day the axe was sharper than the day I bought it, along with a pair of gardening shears and a 24-inch machete, all without sustaining a single cut. No matter how hopeless you are around the house, you can sharpen anything with this tool and do it perfectly“. – Nathan

“The tool arrived promptly with an instruction sheet and a link to a video in which the tool is demonstrated on several items. Once you review the video and read the followup instructions, you should have no problem sharpening most anything; however, it’s vital to watch and read the instructions first. I found there is a short learning curve, but it’s not difficult to get the hang of it and after a little practice, this sharpener produces results that are far superior to those sharpeners with the “fixed” sharpening bars. The SelecTool provides a precise sharpening stroke on both sides of the blade which is the most important factor in sharpening anything. The finishing slot polishes the edge and removes the nearly microscopic burr that grows along the edge when it is sharpened. This burr can fold over onto your edge and interferes with cutting. So far I have sharpened my kitchen knives, serrated and smooth, as well as my pocket knives, a kukri knife and a K-bar knife. All with excellent results. The thicker the blade, the closer you have to watch your technique, but if you can get the edge to the sharpener, it will sharpen it. Be sure to watch for small shavings of metal. If you aren’t getting these shavings (and they are tiny) you are not holding the blade at the right angle. Adjust your angle, then try again. After using the Selectool a couple of times, now I can pick up a knife and zip, zip, zip, it’s scary sharp. In conclusion, this tool is effective, sharpens just about anything, and is easy to use after a little practice. Outstanding customer support and a lifetime guaranty, I recommend it.” – User “Relic”

30 day Risk Free Guarantee & total Lifetime Guarantee

“We value our customers, and we are passionate about our product and our customer service. If you buy a SelecTool MasterSharpener and are not amazed with the results then send it back and we will give you your money back. We don’t leave it there, if anything happens to your SelecTool: the cutter wears out, the handle cracks even if you run over it with your truck send it back to us and we will replace it for you free of charge. You can’t get fairer than that”

J.R. Neumiller, President, Selectool